This calendar of support seminars is for Peak States certified therapists, or students who are currently working towards certification. Click on the calendar item to get details.The frequency of seminars depend on student needs and instructor availability. Contact the instructor in advance to enroll.

How to Use this Google Calendar

  • This calendar is by default on Pacific Daylight Time (western Canada). Use the drop down menu at the top of the page to change the calendar time zone.
  • To get details, click on the event that you are interested in - an information window will pop up.
  • To view other months, use the left and right arrows at the upper left above the calendar.
  • To view by week, month, or by a listing, use the buttons at the upper right corner of the calendar.
  • To subscribe to this google calendar, use the button on the lower right of the calendar. (It displays in your own time zone.)
  • To use iCal on the Mac to subscribe to this calendar, click on iCal's Calendar > File > New Calendar Subscription, and enter

Revision History
Feb 3, 2014: Added a drop down menu to change the calendar time zone.
Aug 31, 2013: Removed obsolete teleclass signup section.