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Peak Experience to Peak State Process

This process is one of the most extraordinary processes that a therapist can offer. The Institute has spent more than 20 years researching the biology of peak experiences, and has an effective technique for recovering them, or turning them into continuous states of being.

By peak experiences, we mean those short times when the person feels extraordinary. Often, a person will confuse the experience with the trigger: "I felt amazing running that marathon", "The natural beauty took my breath away", "I love how I feel at work when I really connect with someone", and so on.

A client can come to the therapist to turn the short peak experience they remember into a continuous, living state of being. As is with all their work, the client is charged only for results, not for the therapist's time. The therapist typically monitors the client for 2 to 4 weeks to be sure the state is stable, and at that point the chances of loosing part or all of the state become remote.

Occasionally, a clients come to get a peak experience turned into a state for the wrong reason. They are suffering in some way, and they believe that the peak state will stop their pain. From experience, we know that this does not work, and that the client will be dissatisfied after gaining the state. Your therapist will work with you to be sure that this isn't why you are asking for a peak state.

Some of the certified Peak States therapists that specialise in Peak Experience to Peak State process include:

Name Country Languages Website links
Dr Mary Pellicer USA English
Shayne McKenzie Canada, US, Europe, UK, Australia, NZ English
Nemi Nath Australia English, German
Dr. Daniel Zeiss Europe, UK, US, Latin America German, English, Spanish
Ghita Ibnbrahim (currently on maternity leave) Canada French, English, Arabic

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