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Peak States therapists offer two kinds of services:

1. Healing Issues

These services are about specific kinds of suffering, either in yourself or with others. Although many of these specializations can be found elsewhere, we can often do these issues effectively and quickly, and we charge only if you get results that you agree to at the beginning of treatment.

What about a problem that isn't on the list?
Your therapist was trained to handle a very wide range of problems. Most of the problems that people encounter are not on the list, but we wanted to specifically mention the issues that we really excel at - ones that are often difficult or impossible for most healers to heal.

Your certified therapist continues to receive new techniques and training every year as the Institute develops treatments for more problems. The pace of new developments can be fairly rapid, so keep that in mind if your situation was unable to be helped by a certified therapist, or any other healer of any sort. If you are interested, the Institute sends out infrequent newsletters and announcements as our work continues.

2. Peak States
Therapists trained in these techniques do more than remove pain, but can add qualities to your life that you have only felt temporarily or not at all.

I'm not sure what I really need?
Fortunately, your therapist is trained in sorting out what you need, and helping you get it. For example, in our experience, many people are seeking a particular state to try and deal with a painful problem in their lives. If you ask for a peak state, we'll be looking into this issue just in case, as we want you to be fully satisfied with the results you get.


The Institute for the Study of Peak States clinics
Your certified therapist is trained and licensed to use techniques that are not available to other therapists. The Institute also has small research clinics in several parts of the world (Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Poland) where we treat problems not found in this list of certified therapist specializations. For example, the clinics treat more severe cases of voices, autism, and other problems. Although there is some overlap in services, the clinics generally only treat clients who have issues that certified therapists cannot treat themselves. Additionally, the clinics prices are usually higher, and sometimes considerably higher, than you will find with a certified therapist. We generally recommend that you start with a certified therapist, and only go directly to the clinics if your issue is something they are not able to address.

The Institute clinics also act as support and backup for your certified therapist.

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