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Typical Costs for Peak States™ Therapy

Peak States™ certified therapists charge by the job, not by the hour. Your therapist will quote a price based on the 'charge for results' principle, which means that there will be no fee if the agreed upon service is not met. This is a bit like getting a firm car repair price from a reputable car dealership, like Toyota.

The prices quoted can vary quite a bit from therapist to therapist, and country to country. The typical price for a finished issue is roughly around $400-$1000US; it is free if the 'pay for results' agreement is not met. Peak state processes can cost more, on average. Like those reputable car repair dealerships, your therapist sets their total price using several factors: how long they estimate your issue will to take, the degree of difficulty, the cost of living in their country, the likelihood of success, the possible costs of consultations, and other factors.

The Institute's clinics are usually significantly more than a certified therapist because they focus on treating disorders and diseases, ones not yet available to the certified therapists. To give you an idea, you can click here to view the price list for the clinics.

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