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A chronological listing of all the books, videos and other material that PeakStates certified therapists have created.

Silence the Voices cover image

Silence the Voices
Discovering the Biology of Mind Chatter
By Dr. Grant McFetridge (Nov 2017)

  • Are you sometimes distracted by background thoughts or chatter in your head?
  • If you meditate, is it a struggle to 'quiet your mind'?
  • Do you suffer from intrusive, racing or obsessive thoughts?
  • Are you someone who 'hears voices' but are otherwise mentally well?
  • Have you been diagnosed with schizophrenia (or other mental illness) that includes auditory hallucinations?
Mind chatter and a common fungal infection
You have in your hands a story of 22 years of effort to understand the cause of 'voices' and the search to find an effective treatment. Written like a detective mystery, you'll read about our successes - and our failures - as we slowly solved this baffling and heartbreaking problem. Filled with unexpected twists and turns, we eventually discovered that the underlying cause of all these symptoms is a common fungal infection located inside the cells themselves.

More than just voices
Our species is capable of such amazing heights - yet struggles with cultural limitations, prejudices and war. Completely unsuspected until now, the same pandemic fungal disease that causes ‘voices’ is at the root of these terrible global problems.

Simple, fast treatments
Written for laypeople and professionals alike, these pages introduce the concepts necessary to understand the biological origin of these symptoms. But theory is not enough for the millions of people who suffer from these problems - we include simple, fast, non-drug and well-tested treatment techniques based on the newly emerging fields of subcellular psychobiology and psycho-immunology.

This Peak States® Therapy volume 2 is a companion to
Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook, Peak States of Consciousness and The Basic Whole-Hearted Healing® Manual.

See the Table of Contents and Index

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Cover Subcellular Psychobiololgy

Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook
Subcellular Causes of Psychological Symptoms
By Dr. Grant McFetridge (2014)

This groundbreaking work shows how psychological and physical symptoms arise from damage inside the cell itself. For the first time, psychological symptoms that range from trauma to serious mental illness can be understood as perceptions of biological problems at a subcellular level.

This handbook is specifically designed as a desk reference for therapists and psychiatrists diagnosing and treating clients. Containing over 50 diseases and disorders of the cell, each entry gives a brief description of the cause, an illustration of the subcellular biology, differential diagnosis, and the standard psychological-like techniques that treat these biological issues quickly and effectively.

Radical change to the field of psychology is now possible with this approach, including a needed shift to ‘pay for results’ billing. This first generation of subcellular cases includes:
  • the epigenetic origin of generational, associational, and biographical trauma,
  • why trauma techniques sometimes won’t work,
  • the fungal disease cause for schizophrenic voices,
  • how suicidal feelings originate from birth trauma,
  • subcellular perceptions that cause spiritual emergencies,
  • a cross reference to ICD-10 categories,
  • and more…

This Peak States® Therapy volume is a companion to
Peak States of Consciousness and The Basic Whole-Hearted Healing® Manual.

See the Table of Contents.

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Cover Subcellular Psychobiololgy (Russian)

бесплатно PDF (12.6MB)
Субклеточная психобиология Диагностический справочник
Субклеточные причины психологических симптомов
Грант Макфетридж, доктор философии (Grant McFetridge Ph.D.) (Перевод 2017)

Данная новаторская работа показывает, как психологические и физические симптомы появляются на базе повреждений внутри самой клетки. Впервые психологические симптомы, варьирующиеся от травм до серьезных психических заболеваний, могут быть объяснены с точки зрения биологических проблем на субклеточном уровне.

Это пособие разработано специально в виде справочника для терапевтов и психиаторов для диагностирования и лечения клиентов. Оно содержит более 50 заболеваний и расстройств клетки, в каждом из которых даётся краткое описание причины, иллюстрация субклеточной биологии, дифференциальная диагностика и стандартные психологические техники для быстрого и эффективного исцеления.

C этим подходом становятся возможны коренные изменения в области психологии, включая необходимый переход на 'оплату за результат'. Первое поколение субклеточных случаев содержит:
  • эпигенетические основы поколенных, ассоциативных и биографических травм,
  • причины, по которым техники работы с травмами иногда не работают,
  • грибковые заболевания-причины шизофренических голосов,
  • как суицидальные мысли возникают из травмы рождения,
  • субклеточные ощущения, вызывающие духовные кризисы,
  • перекрестные ссылки на категории ICD-10,
  • и другое...

Этот том"Терапии Пиковых Состояний" является справочником к "Пиковым Состояниям Сознания" и рабочей тетради "Исцелению От Всего Сердца.

Доктор Грант Макфетридж-основатель Института Исследования Пиковых Состояний. Он является первооткрывателем в области пренатальной и перинатальной психологии, разработчиком техники регрессии Исцеление От Всего Сердца.

Скачать PDF бесплатно (12.6MB)

Cover Consciousness in Evolution

Consciousness in Evolution
Seven Steps of Integral Healing
By Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann (2014)

The first book combining a deepened insight into the history of mankind with the perspective of inner personal development and integral healing.

Belonging, emancipation, guidance, performance, self inquiry, interconnectedness, universality. In these seven steps, Consciousness in Evolution leads the reader through the story of mankind and simultaneously through the own inner world.

Urges from inside and challenges from outside have made man to what he is today. But many do not consider that every step of inner development is connected to the collective development of mankind. From the earliest days of childhood up to adult maturity, individual growth is affected by universal needs, fears, hopes, values and ideals which can stimulate as well as impede the progress.

By becoming aware of the crucial patterns and dynamics in a general survey, new possibility for action in our daily lives open up. With the help of effective practical exercises, this inspiring and well founded book helps to detect inner conflicts and to go beyond. Shadows coming from past experiences can be healed and one’s own potential can be unfolded completely.

The model of the evolution of consciousness is derived from the model of spiral dynamics by Cowan and Beck, which was adapted and deepened in several aspects,. It fits into the integral viewpoint of Ken Wilber. The book was first published in German by J. Kamphausen Verlag and is now available in English for the first time.

pages: 232
Hardcover: 21,99 EUR, ISBN: 978-3-95802-175-4
Paperback: 14,99 EUR, ISBN: 978-3-95802-174-7
E-Book: 4,99 EUR, ISBN: 978-3-95802-176-1

Author: Wilfried Ehrmann, PhD, psychotherapist, breathwork trainer, peakstates therapist in Vienna.

See the Table of Contents.

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Cover WHH Workbook image

The Whole-Hearted Healing™ Workbook
By Paula Courteau (2013)

"So far, Dr. Grant McFetridge's Basic Whole-Hearted Healing Manual, now in its third edition, had been the only reference book on Whole-Hearted Healing, our regression healing method. Grant's book is designed as a workshop manual, mostly with professional therapists in mind. Since I started teaching Whole-Hearted Healing, I've seen a growing need for a do-it-yourself trauma-healing workbook. Our Institute uses WHH mainly as a research tool, but each basic teaching session reminds me of its relevance as an easy-to-learn technique to heal past traumas. So this is a basic manual, designed for lay people with no previous experience.

This book starts by introducing the concepts that form the foundation of WHH: the triune brain theory, as developed by Dr. Paul MacLean in the 1960s; the concept of a Centre of Awareness which is a locus for our sense of "self"; and the concept of "trauma stacks" or COEX systems, as defined by Dr. Stanislav Grof. To this it adds a technique to help speed the release of traumas: the "Loving-Yourself technique, as identified by Gay Hendricks and others, and the use of gratitude to return to the present, as written about by Jacquelyn Aldana.

The main differences between WHH and other regression healing techniques is that Dr. McFetridge has recognized the necessity of being in one's own body, in the past, while regressing, as opposed to watching the past like a movie in front of oneself, and also the necessity of continuing the process until no traumatic sensations remain - past the stage of reframing or intellectual understanding that is the end point of most regression techniques.

This book, after teaching the basic technique and a number of special situation that may occur during a healing session, goes on to suggest ways to integrate WHH with various other power therapies and healing modalities.

See the Table of Contents.

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WHH Workbook (Danish) cover

Healing med hjertet: En introduktion til Whole-Hearted Healing™
Af Paula Courteau (Dansk 2012)

Healing med hjertet er den første bog om PeakStates og regressionsmetoden Whole-Hearted Healing™, der udkommer på dansk. "Hidtil har Dr. Grant McFetridge grundbog i Whole-Hearted Healing™, nu i sin tredje udgave, været den eneste bog om Whole-Hearted Healing™. Grants engelske bog er udformet som en workshop manual, for det meste med professionelle terapeuter i tankerne.

Vores Institut bruger hovedsagelig Whole-Hearted Healing™ som et analyseværktøj, men hvert kursus minder Grant om dets relevans som en nem-at-lære teknik til at helbrede tidlige traumer. Så dette er en grundlæggende introduktion, designet til lægfolk uden tidligere erfaring.

Denne bog indledes med en præsentation af de begreber, der danner grundlaget for Whole-Hearted Healing™(WHH): triune brain teorien, som er udviklet af Dr. Paul MacLean i 1960'erne, begrebet "center for bevidsthed" som er et sted for vores følelse af "selv", og begrebet "traumekæder" eller COEX-systemer, som er defineret af Dr. Stanislav Grof. Til dette det tilføjes teknik til at bidrage til at fremskynde frigivelsen af ​​traumer:. Elsk dig selv teknikken, som identificeret af Gay Hendricks og andre, og brugen af ​​taknemmelighed for at vende tilbage til nutiden, som skrevet om ved Jacquelyn Aldana.

De væsentligste forskelle mellem WHH og andre regressions teknikker er, at Dr. Grant McFetridge har anerkendt nødvendigheden af at være i ens egen krop, i fortiden, under regressionen, i modsætning til at se fortiden som en film foran sig selv, og også nødvendigheden af ​​at fortsætte processen, indtil der ikke traumatiske fornemmelser tilbage - forbi stadiet for reframing eller intellektuel forståelse, som er slutpunktet for de fleste regressionsteknikker.

Klik her for at bestille

Cover Whol-Hearted Healing Workbook (Russian)

бесплатно PDF (4.3MB)
Исцеление от Всего Сердца™
Рабочая Тетрадь
Паула Курто (Paula Courteau)
(Перевод 2017)

Эта книга в конечном итоге стала первым учебным пособием по Исцелению от Всего Сердца, написанным для широкой аудитории.

За более чем 15 лет Исцеление от Всего Сердца доказало свою ценность как эффективная техника исцеления травм, которая передает весь контроль в руки клиента и кардинально трансформирует проблемы в позитивные чувства. Ключевые идеи разработчика техники, доктора философии Гранта Макфетриджа, весьма успешно воплотились в жизнь.

Эта книга предназначена для людей с различным уровнем опыта в регрессионной психотерапии и работе с пиковыми состояниями сознания:

  • Для решительных новичков это подходящее руководство для самостоятельного изучения техники.
    • Для тех, кто посетил мастер-класс по базовому уровню Исцеления от Всего Сердца или Пиковым Состояниям сознания, это – углубленный обзор полученного материала.
    • Для людей, которые практиковали WHH (Исцеление от Всего Сердца) на протяжении нескольких лет, опираясь на Руководство по Базовому Уровню Исцеления от Всего Сердца, это – обновление, написанное для самой широкой публики, которое включает в себя последние достижения в нашем понимании травм и исцеления.
    • Для психотерапевтов эта книга – помощник в объяснении сути WHH клиентам и таким образом предоставлении им возможности полноценно участвовать в собственном исцелении.
    • А также это учебник начального уровня для студентов, работающих с пиковыми состояниями сознания.

Скачать PDF бесплатно (4.3MB)

Unbreak Your Health

How to Unbreak Your Health: Your Map to the World of Complementary and Alternative Therapies, 2nd Edition
by Alan E. Smith (2010)

This book is an over-view of the entire spectrum of healing techniques. Our Whole-Hearted Healing™ is one of the techniques described.

Trying to figure out where you are with your health problems, where you need to go and the best way to get there? You need a map to find your way around the amazing world of complementary or alternative therapies! Which therapies are right for you and your health problems?

Find out in this easy-to-read guide to all of the therapies available outside the drugs-and-surgery world of mainstream medicine. Uncover the latest scientific research that's opening the door to therapies both ancient and modern that are available to help you improve your health.
  • Discover health opportunities from Acupuncture to Zen Bodytherapy.
  • Find out about the health benefits of Pilates, Yoga, and Massage.
  • Learn about devices from Edgar Cayce's Radiac to the newest cold lasers.
  • Hear from real people who've experienced these therapies and products.
  • Locate free podcasts on the therapies you want to learn more about.
UnBreak Your Health™ offers proven healing techniques from the most modern innovations to ancient healing therapies. With 339 new and updated listings in 150 different categories this is the most complete book ever published on complementary and alternative therapies (no diets or supplements). This updated edition again focuses on therapies, systems and devices in the field of complementary, alternative and integrative medicine. Many topics also have accompanying podcast interviews with leaders and innovators in the field.

For more information on this book, with videos, go to

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Volume 2 cover image

Peak States of Consciousness: Theory and Applications, Volume 2: Acquiring Extraordinary Spiritual and Shamanic States
by Dr. Grant McFetridge with Wes Gietz (2008)

Breakthroughs in Understanding the Biology of Consciousness

This textbook covers fundamental discoveries about the biological basis for spiritual and shamanic states, transpersonal experiences, and consciousness itself. Derived from explorations into the very earliest prenatal development, this book describes how consciousness is based on biology inside the cell:

Breakthroughs in Understanding the Biology of Consciousness
This textbook covers fundamental discoveries about the biological basis for spiritual and shamanic states, transpersonal experiences, and consciousness itself. Derived from explorations into the very earliest prenatal development, this book describes how consciousness is based on biology inside the cell:

~ Developmental Events: Spiritual and shamanic states are a legacy of our earliest prenatal growth stages.
~ The Primary Cell: Consciousness extends from just one cell of the body.
~ Triune Brains: The cell organelles are the basis of the ‘subconscious’ triune brains.
~ Transpersonal Biology: Spiritual, shamanic, and psychic phenomena are based on access or perception of biological structures inside the cell.
~ Inherent Dangers: Triggering certain prenatal traumas may cause serious or life-threatening problems.

With this theoretical foundation, we can now understand what traditional spiritual and shamanic practices do at a biological level, as well as understand what makes different healing therapies effective. More important are the very practical applications – entirely new techniques for spiritual growth and healing become possible, through a synthesis of traditional concepts with modern microbiology.

This textbook on the theory of peak states and the biology of consciousness is used in our therapist training classes. Although it is written for professionals, we’ve made it available for laypeople that are interested in the cutting edge of consciousness research and its applications to psychology and medicine.

See the Table of Contents.

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Zart besaitet

Zart besaitet - Selbstverständnis, Selbstachtung und Selbsthilfe für hochsensible Menschen, 2. überarbeitete Auflage
Georg Parlow (2007)

"Hochsensible Menschen haben einerseits Empfindsamkeiten und Schwächen, die sie vom Großteil der Bevölkerung unterscheiden, andererseits aber auch besondere Wahrnehmungen, Begabungen und natürliche Fähigkeiten. Hochempfindlichkeit ist weder Krankheit noch Makel, sondern eine normale und sinnvolle Spielart der menschlichen Art. In der Vielfalt liegt großes Potenzial für das soziale Wesen Mensch. Dadurch kommt den Hochsensiblen speziell in der modernen Welt eine nicht zu unterschätzende Bedeutung zu.

Dieses Buch ist das Grundlagenwerk zu diesem verdrängten Thema. Es wendet sich in erster Linie an die hochempfindlichen Menschen selbst, enthält jedoch auch wichtige Informationen für alle, die beruflich mit Menschen, ihren Potenzialen und ihrem Verhalten in Teams zu tun haben.

Der selbst hochsensible und therapeutisch geschulte Autor befasst sich detailliert mit den Gemeinsamkeiten und Eigenheiten der Hochempfindlichen, bietet erhellende und erleichternde Einsichten, und erklärt Zusammenhänge von persönlicher, gruppendynamischer und gesellschaftlicher Relevanz.

Das kompetent und persönlich geschriebene Buch enthält neben wissenschaftlichen Hintergründen und vielen anschaulichen Beispielen Ansätze zu einer "Gebrauchsanweisung" für diese Veranlagung. Ein Muss für alle hochsensiblen und aufschlussreiche Lektüre für alle anderen Menschen."

Wir wollen Ihnen hier die gleichen Möglichkeiten bieten, die Sie in einer Buchhandlung auch vorfinden. Ehe Sie ein Buch kaufen, wollen Sie es wahrscheinlich kurz durchblättern, vielleicht den einen oder den anderen Absatz lesen. Das können Sie hier auch. Werfen Sie einen Blick in das
Inhaltsverzeichnis des Online-Buches. Von dort erreichen SIe per Mausklick jede Stelle der ersten vier von insgesamt acht Kapitel des Buches – schmökern Sie nach Herzenslust. Erst wenn Sie sicher sind, dass Sie das Buch auch wollen, dann bestellen Sie es bitte.

Sollten Sie jetzt schon sicher wissen, dass Sie es wollen, geht es
hier zum Bestellformular.

(247 pages, ISBN10 3-9501765-0-0 or ISNB13 9783-9501765-0-6, € uro 21.50)

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Cover Volume  1 image

Peak States of Consciousness: Theory and Applications, Volume 1: Breakthrough Techniques for Exceptional Quality of Life
by Dr. Grant McFetridge with Jacquelyn Aldana, Dr. James Hardt, and Zivorad Slavinski (2004)

Welcome to the exciting new field of peak states of consciousness

Dr. Grant McFetridge - The Inner Peace Process
Jacquelyn Aldana - The 15-Minute Miracle
Dr. James Hardt - Biocybernaut Brainwave Training
Zivorad Slavinski - Resolving Dualism with PEAT

How can I get better life?
After I heal something, why am I not satisfied?
What is the point of spiritual practice?
Why do some people cruise effortlessly through their days while others struggle?

A groundswell in new ways to approach therapy, psychology, spirituality, shamanism and mental health is happening worldwide. Until now, most of the new breakthroughs have been done in isolation. In this book, we share our work with each other for the first time - and give you a glimpse of the excitement and camaraderie of working in a field that changes daily, with new discoveries, syntheses, and controversy. This book gives laymen and professionals an experience of what cutting-edge research in the fundamental questions of mankind feels like.

This volume, the first of a series, presents what we consider the best of this new generation of techniques for acquiring peak states, along with a unifying model that ties biology, psychology, therapy, and spirituality into a single whole.

See the Table of Contents.

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Cover Volume 1 Polish version

Szczytowe Stany Świadomości
Tom I: Przełomowe techniki osiągania wyjątkowej jakości życia
przez Dr. Grant McFetridge z Jacquelyn Aldana i Dr. James Hardt (2013 Pollski)

Witamy w nowej, ekscytującej dziedzinie badań nad szczytowymi stanami świadomości!
Dr. Grant McFetridge - Proces Wewnętrznego Spokoju
Jacquelyn Aldana - 15-minutowy Cud
Dr. James Hardt - podejście medytacyjne Biofeedback

Jak możemy poprawić swoje życie? Jaki sens ma praktyka duchowa?
Dlaczego po uzdrowieniu problemu nadal nie czujemy zadowolenia z życia?
Dlaczego niektórzy funkcjonują na co dzień bez większego wysiłku, a inni mają zawsze „pod górkę”?

Na całym świecie wciąż pojawiają się nowe podejścia w psychologii, duchowości, szamanizmie, a także w terapii i sposobach poprawy zdrowia psychicznego. Dotychczas większość tych nowatorskich, przełomowych idei powstawała zupełnie od siebie niezależnie. W niniejszej książce po raz pierwszy dzielimy się z czytelnikami wynikami naszych prac. Chcemy pokazać radości i fascynacje, towarzyszące naszej pracy w tej nowej dziedzinie badań, która stale się zmienia i w której nieustannie dokonujemy kolejnych odkryć, często kontrowersyjnych. Zarówno laicy, jak i profesjonaliści znajdą w tej książce porcję wiedzy o niezwykłym obszarze badań, jakim są szczytowe stany świadomości, oraz o nowatorskich badaniach nad nowymi technikami pozwalającymi osiągać wyjątkową jakość życia.

W niniejszym tomie, pierwszym z serii, omawiamy najlepsze naszym zdaniem techniki nowej generacji, służące uzyskiwaniu stanów szczytowych, a także przedstawiamy nowy model, który łączy wiedzę z dziedziny biologii, psychologii, terapii i duchowości w jednolitą spójną całość – „Model zdarzeń rozwojowych dla stanów, doświadczeń i zdolności szczytowych”.

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Cover WHH Manual image

The Basic Whole-Hearted Healing™ Manual, 3rd Edition
by Grant McFetridge Ph.D. and Mary Pellicer, M.D. (2004)

This is our training manual for the 4 day class we teach on basic Whole-Hearted Healing, which is a regression healing process that can be done from normal consciousness without any special work or processing. This book is an updated and expanded version of the material on the website. It is intended for people who are actively healing others and wish to have more information, in one place, about the material on our website.

This book contains the detailed, nuts-and-bolts content needed for laypeople and professionals to fully master the Whole-Hearted Healing regression therapy. This technique for trauma healing is the main research tool of the Institute for the Study of Peak States in our study of unusual states of consciousness.

Whole-Hearted Healing is a simple, fast way to heal emotional and some physical problems. It exploits the insight that most of our present problems are due to long forgotten past trauma. We show how to recall these incidents and heal them so they are pain free, without using any special abilities, help, or settings.

This book addresses conventional trauma as well as a large variety of experiences that are outside of the cultural norm - such as spiritual emergencies, unusual states of consciousness, and other important problems that are generally ignored by other therapies.

For professionals in the field of trauma healing, this technique is particularly valuable and can be used in conjunction with other 'power' and 'meridian' therapies. The technique also gives easy access to pre- and perinatal trauma.

We include two other important processes - Distant Personality Release which is extremely useful for couples therapy and interpersonal problems; and the Inner Peace Process which puts people into a particular peak state of consciousness where all past trauma stops feeling emotionally painful.
This manual complements Peak States of Consciousness: Theory and Applications, Volumes 1 to 3.

See the Table of Contents.

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