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Neediness Syndrome

This problem can cause an immense amount of suffering for people. It shows up in a variety of ways:

  • We have seen it in clients who are constantly trying to heal themselves, yet even if they heal an issue, their underlying suffering continues.
  • The person needs constant attention or else they start to feel terrible inside.
  • There is the sensation of a sucking, black hole in one's body that constantly needs to be 'fed'.
  • They often feel 'drained' by others, as if by 'energy vampires'.
  • The person is constantly attracted to very 'loving' people, to keep getting their 'fix'.
  • The need for constant attention often shows up in groups, where the person will sabotage existing structures to pull people into their own drama.
  • If friends don't constantly give them attention, the person may suddenly and emotionally reject them and sabotage the relationship.

Your therapist knows how to eliminate this problem, something that as far as we know, no one else in the healing field can do. The process can take three or four sessions, especially if the problem is severe.

Some of the certified Peak States therapists that specialise in our neediness treatment include:

Name Country Languages Website links
Shayne McKenzie Canada, US, Europe, UK, Australia, NZ English
Dr Mary Pellicer USA English
Amy Zook USA English
Nemi Nath Australia English, German

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