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Hearing Voices

One of the most surprising discoveries that we made in the early days of our work was about the totally common experience of thoughts in the mind. It turns out that the background 'mind chatter' is not supposed to be there at all. After using the Silent Mind Technique™ (SMT), the mind becomes silent, as if one is standing on an empty auditorium stage, or in a particularly effective meditation moment. And it stays that way.

Certified Peak States therapists are trained in this technique that gives this silent mind state of being. It usually takes three or four sessions to be sure that the process is fully done and stable. SMT gives relief from the relentless barrage of thoughts, as if the client had been living in a noisy bar their whole life without realizing it. SMT is very helpful people who want to escape the endless stream of thoughts in their own mind, or for meditators who what to be free of their monkey mind. You then can actually think and pay attention far more easily, because these irrelevant, distracting thoughts are gone.

This technique helps clients in other ways, and is often used to solve other problems. For example, it eliminates the dysfunctional connections between people called 'cording' or transference and counter-transference. This problem gives people the sensation that other people have a 'personality'. It also eliminates another problem we call the 'tribal block', and is the cause of the sensation that people from another culture feel 'differently' than your own.

Voice Hearers
Many otherwise perfectly well people suffer from an excess of this mind chatter. A typical person can suppress the problem to a lesser or greater degree - these people cannot. People in this condition are sometimes called 'voice hearers'. Sometimes they call themselves 'channelers'.

For non-voice hearers, it is hard to imagine what it is like to experience an uncontrollable barrage of voices in or around the head that nobody else can hear. Gina - a voice hearer who underwent the Silent Mind Technique in 2005 in Australia - described her experience prior to the treatment as "like having thirty drunk students camped out in the lounge room of her mind, yelling at each other while watching bad daytime TV" - see the testimonials for her description of the experience. It takes incredible fortitude to cope with what many people regard as relentless torture. The consequent effects of living with this condition for years can be debilitating to say the least.

Some people believe the voices to be part of them, others that the voices are demonic. Many can point to specific areas around the head where they perceive each voice originates from, each with its own emotional tone or personality. Others experience the voice as their own and centred in the head. Not all voices are regarded as problematic. One client wanted to keep his 'comical voice' because it made him laugh - that was until it continued to keep him awake at night. Whichever way the voices are experienced, it is possible to eliminate them with the Silent Mind Technique™. However, we understand that some people are attached to their voices and regard them as having value in their lives. We very much respect the right of the client to choose and will only help remove the voices with full consent and with full regards to the changes in life experience that the technique can facilitate.

Seals on the shore

Some of the certified Peak States therapists that specialise in Silent Mind process include:

Name Country Languages Website links
Dr Mary Pellicer USA English
Shayne McKenzie Canada, US, Europe, UK, Australia English
Dr. Daniel Zeiss Europe, UK, US, Latin America German, English, Spanish
Nemi Nath Australia English, German
Ghita Ibnbrahim (currently on maternity leave) Canada French, English, Arabic

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