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Seeing Your Life Path

This process gives the client the ability to 'see' with their inner mind's eye the 'life path' choices that are ahead of them. This is useful, because with some simple training and daily practice it is possible to stay on the 'optimal life path'. When you do this, you feel a sort of ease and euphoria about your life - simply, you know that you are 'on the right path'. This doesn't make life effortless - what it does do is make you feel engaged and positive about your life and the choices that you make. Many people report that they now know they are doing the right thing, but that life starts to work out in positive ways that they could not have imagined ahead of time.

This process typically takes three or four sessions.

Some of the certified Peak States therapists that specialise in The Life Path process include:

Name Country Languages Website links
Joanna Zaborowska Switzerland, Poland Polish, German, English, French
Shayne McKenzie Canada, US, Europe, UK, Australia, NZ English
Dr Mary Pellicer USA English
Nemi Nath Australia English, German
Ghita Ibnbrahim (currently on maternity leave) Canada French, English, Arabic

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