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Other Services and Specializations

The Institute clinics primarily focus on just a few serious disease conditions. Fortunately, your peak states certified therapists in private practice are available to help you heal a wide variety of psychological issues beyond the ones mentioned elsewhere.

• General Emotional Issues – We offer effective treatments for general emotional issues as well as stress, anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and phobias.

• Life Improvement – This is a series of sessions where together we resolve emotional issues, deal with relationship challenges and move you towards ‘peak states’ where life can be much more enjoyable.

• Corporate Life Improvement – This is particularly focused on improving both effectiveness and enjoyment at work.

• Core Issue Process - For those who have undergone some trauma healing and perhaps a couple of peak states processes but want to more fundamentally improve their consciousness, we recommend the Core Issue Process. This involves the uncovering and healing of deep-seated traumas that affect us in most situations. An example is ‘I’m not good enough.’ Someone with such a core issue will view life from behind a lense, which colours all their experience. The problem is that many core issues are difficult for the individual to recognize as they are so used to experiencing them in every aspect of their lives. This process defines, accesses and heals such core issues.

Some of the certified Peak States therapists that specialise in these treatments include:

NameCountryLanguagesWebsite links
Lorenza MeneghiniItalyItalian, English
Eduard ZaksRussiaRussian, English
Nemi NathAustraliaEnglish, German

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