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Spiritual Emergencies

Peak States Therapy is ideal for eliminating 'spiritual emergencies'. The most common ones we treat are:

  • kundalini trauma activations - this is completely eliminated;
  • chanelling - this stops happening;
  • feelings or discomfort or overwhelm from spiritual experiences;
  • problems activated by meditation or other spiritual practices;
  • unfamiliar spiritual states;
  • And many others (see Spiritual Emergencies by Stanislav Grof for the range of problems that can occur).

These problems are typically long lasting or lifelong - fortunately, your therapist can usually finish with them in a few sessions.

For more background information on spiritual emergencies:

Some of the certified Peak States therapists that specialise in treating generational issues include:
Name Country Languages Website links
Agata Szyplinska Canary Islands, Poland Polish, English, Spanish
Dr Celine Guerin Switzerland, France French, English
Nemi Nath Australia English, German
Dr. Daniel Zeiss Europe, UK, US, Latin America German, English, Spanish

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