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Emotional Reactivity

All of us have been 'triggered' at one time or another. Unfortunately, some people find that they are in an almost constant state of emotional upsets, even if there is nothing in particular going on in their life. Your peak states therapist can usually diagnose and remove this problem to normal levels. In some cases, the client becomes much calmer than a typical person.

This issue can have several completely different causes, and needs to be diagnosed by your certified therapist. In any case, the typical client is usually helped in two to three session.

Some of the certified Peak States therapists that specialise in treating emotional reactivity include:

Name Country Languages Website links
Amy Zook USA English
Agata Szyplinska Canary Islands, Poland Polish, English, Spanish
Dr Mary Pellicer USA English
Nemi Nath Australia English, German
Dr. Daniel Zeiss Europe, UK, US, Latin America German, English, Spanish

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