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I have been learning about healing and personal growth since I was a teenage (20 years ago). My intuition has always guide me to the right direction in learning -- while I am seeking the ultimate path and method that can really help people heal and growth.

So, that is why I am here with the institute after lots of learnings from almost all kind of modalities, including my degree of psychology background. There is always something about each modalities and the institute’s work seem help me to put it together in a clear picture.
I have spent more then 10 years time working with clients, exposing myself with various kinds of life issue. And as a result, I ground myself with the passion on helping people to get in touch with their true spirit of understanding, peacefulness, connectiveness and sourcefulness within through healing / coaching session. The Institute provide me with an effective tool to help me in assisting my client to achieve it quickly.
I have spent lots of time in develop my unique way to help people let go their various kind of lacking issues, such that they can stay in a sense of Abundance in their life.
And I also good at helping people finding what kind of past trauma and internal burden that they carry into their relationship. By letting go and healing these burden, we can start enjoying our relationship and connection with with much more.
Spiritual / Connectiveness with Life:
The thrid area of my work is help people healing their issue around Spiritual awareness, connectiveness with Life itself. I also good at finding and helping people let go their stuck belief about life.
I am truly happy to work with people who have a genius motivation to Live a better life through working on healing their own issue! 

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