Natalia Millichap

  •   Counsellor
  •   Certified Trauma and Peak States Therapist

             - Subcellular Psychobiology 

            - EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

            - Peak States of consciousness

  •   Family constellation therapist

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Meetings take place online and in person - Ellesmere Port, England.



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• Healing difficult or unwanted emotions, e.g., fear, sadness, grief, anger, hatred, emotional pain, pressure, etc.
• Healing difficult or traumatic memories from life (PTSD)
• Therapy of symptoms present in OCD
• Building self-acceptance and self-love
• Healing relationships with family, people around us, and the world
• Emotional release from unwanted relationships, e.g., after an ending relationship, a traumatic relationship...
• Healing the cause of the feeling of emptiness and loneliness

Personal development has been my greatest passion for as long as I can remember. Over time, my personal development route evolved into a professional one. During the last few years, I have used many methods of working on myself, such as meditation, yoga, rebirthing, art therapy, music therapy, Bert Hellinger's family constellations, EFT methods, subcellular psychobiology from the Institute of Peak States of Consciousness in Canada, and many others. Thanks to the experience of working on myself, training, education, and practice gained over the years, I currently work as a certified subcellular psychobiology trauma therapist and family constellations therapist, according to Bert Hellinger. These approaches combine everything I feel makes us human: spirituality, psychology, and biology. Thanks to these working methods, I help clients get to the causes of their traumas and problems and heal them there.

If you want to heal relationships with people, with the world, or with yourself and heal unwanted emotions (anger, hatred, fears, irritation, etc.), traumatic memories, and patterns passed down from generation to generation, Like many others, I invite you to cooperate and welcome you on the path leading to getting to know the best version of yourself. Natalia Millichap.

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