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This website is for folks, perhaps like you, who are suffering in some difficult way; or perhaps you are interested in personal or spiritual growth; or simply want to see if you can get back one of those wonderful feelings you once had.

The unusual therapists listed on these pages have invested much time, money and training to acquire the skills to help you. Generally, they came to the Institute's training because they had reached the limitations of every technique they knew, and wanted to be more effective in helping their clients. The techniques these therapists learned from the Institute for the Study of Peak States, and the understanding of what is happening biologically in people, allows them to be far more effective in treating serious problems than they were before.

Although they are licensed by the Institute to use peak states® techniques (such as our regression technique, Whole-hearted Healing®), these therapists also employ a variety of methods and techniques from other cutting-edge therapies. What makes them unique is not only their extraordinary ability to help clients, but that they share one of the most unusual commitments in psychotherapy or medicine: they only 'charge for results'. This high ethical standard is one of what makes certification from the Institute mean something special.

Stepping Through the Webpages

'About': In this section of the website, you can read short explanations of why the peak states approach is so different and effective. Or you can simply skip this section, taking it on faith (after all, you will only be paying the therapist if you get results!). If you want more, you can read the therapists' blog, use the forum to give feedback about your experience and ask questions, or click through to the Institute's main website (where we talk about our biological and prenatal models of development, and give details of our therapist training program).

'Find Issue': In this next section, look to see if your particular issue is described. These therapists can address most issues - but their extraordinary value is in areas that other approaches simply can't help. (If you have a serious disease or can't find what you want, you might also want to look at the Institute's clinic treatments.)

'Find Therapist': Choosing a therapist is the next step. You can do so by country, language, specialization, or simply the 'feel' of the therapists. When available, we've provided other resources to help you get a better look at these experts. You can also often read testimonials on their individual webpage (and be sure to check out the forum for client feedback, or contribute to it yourself).

Appointments': Here, we give answers to the most common questions that clients have: "what is going to happen?", and "what am I supposed to do?" Since every therapist has their own private practice, the details might differ from therapist to therapist, but this material will give you a good overview. You can also see some of the typical forms that you will have to fill out, potentially saving you and your therapist time during an appointment.

'Pay for Results': This highly ethical approach to healing is discussed here, along with a sample results contract form. We mention the costs you might encounter, and give you a chance to see what other clients have said about their treatment.

Forum: This is a place for all visitors to be able to make comments - clients to ask questions or to give feedback about your experiences; therapists who are interested in learning more about our therapy techniques; or people who are curious about peak states in general who want to ask questions, make comments, or share information. There is also a blog page written just by peak states certified therapists on a variety of topics.

'Bookstore': Many of these therapists have written books or created other items that they either give or sell to the public. You can browse through the listings to see if there is anything of interest to you.


May 30, 2018: Amazon has a Polish translation of our book Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook.

Mar 8, 2017: Adding free PDF downloads of Russian translations of 5 our textbooks.

Oct 26, 2016: Our new CEO, Shayne McKenzie, will be in Europe meeting certified therapists and people interested in our work. He will be there Nov 3-21, 2016. You can arrange meetings with him by emailing him via his personal page contact or by contacting a staff person in your country.

Dec 20, 2015: We now have a fast, simple and extremely effective treatment for smoking addiction. Contact any of the certified therapists on this website for help.

April 7, 2014: ´┐╝Now online is a two hour video explaining the Inner Peace state and our trauma-based approach for acquiring it. Filmed in 2002, it shows people using a simplified version of the process in a workshop setting and their results. We've also included a short blog entry about the history of the film and what happened to it.

Aug 16, 2013: We've added several new books by certified therapists to the bookstore (available from Amazon): Paula Courteau's long awaited new book in English, The Whole-Hearted Healing Workbook ; a Polish language version of Peak States of Consciousness Volume 1 ; and the German edition of Zart besaitet by Georg Parlow

Jan 28, 2013: Paula Courteau's new book in Danish, Healing med hjertet: En introduktion til Whole-Hearted Healing™ is now available.

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