Certified Therapist Brochure

Below is the standard brochure that certified Peak States™ therapists will usually hand out to you, or that you can pick up in their office if you have any questions. Right click here to download the document as a PDF.

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Your Health Care
and the
Institute for the Study
of Peak States
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Methods for Fundamental Change in the
Human Psyche

Pay for Results
In the beginning of each healing series, together with your therapist you will discuss and determine the desired results of treatment. At the end of the treatment series the defined results should be achieved. If they are not achieved, you will not pay the therapist for the treatment. [Note that in some situations (legal restrictions, insurance billing, etc.) the therapist will be unable to use the 'pay for results' system].

What To Expect
Depending on the nature of your issue and your particular personality, your therapist may use one or more different techniques. Some of them may cause you some emotional or even physical pain during treatment, as the old experience is relieved. Commonly, treatment takes a few sessions, if for no other reason than to be sure that the problem you had has gone. Your healthcare provider may also call in more highly trained specialists if your situation warrants it.

The APEX Effect
With the newest 'power' therapies, when an issue is healed, commonly the client can no longer recall that the issue was a serious problem. Sometimes the client can't even recall what the problem was. However, after the relief of having the issue treated, clients typically find that the next 'biggest' issue now seems much more important and urgent - and they don't recognize that healing of their old issue has taken place. For this reason, your therapist recommends that you keep a journal of your sessions and he/she will keep accurate records for your review.


The healthcare provider who has given you this brochure has been licensed and certified by the Institute for the Study of Peak States (ISPS). He or she is at the forefront of their profession, and knows how to use many new, state-of-the-art techniques for your benefit.

Services and Specializations
Your healthcare professional has been trained to help you heal a wide variety of psychological issues, especially ones involving:
  • Emotional problems
  • Trauma
  • PTSD
And has had training to help you gain or recover various peak states of consciousness, such as:
  • Turning a peak experience into a peak state
  • Inner Peace
  • Seeing your Life Path
Your therapist may also have our specialist training in certain major diseases:
  • Mind chatter and 'hearing voices' - the Silent Mind Technique™
  • Addictions - the Fox Addiction Method™
  • With other specializations to come

Safety and Support:
The Institute's top priority is to assure high quality treatments and the safety of clients who are using Institute techniques. Therefore ISPS licensed therapists go through meticulous training, and must prove their proficiency before certification.

Additionally, there is an Institute support structure ready to assist your certified therapist as needed. If you want to recommend our work to others or you would like to see a list of our certified therapists who have Institute support, the list appears on the ISPS website at www.peakstates.com/certified.html.

If your therapist decides he needs to use the ISPS's new, experimental techniques for your situation, he will need you to read, understand and sign a liability release form. This is both for your protection ("informed consent") and his. As with any new treatment, there is some possibility for unexpected side effects - you get to decide if you feel the risk isn't warranted.

Unexpected Emergencies
If you find that you have unusual emotional discomfort or physical pain come up shortly after your session, please contact your therapist immediately at:

Sometimes your therapist is unavailable. In that case, if you require emergency assistance, contact your local health authority at:

About the Institute
The Institute for the Study of Peak States dedicates itself to the study of the human psyche, focusing on the psychology and biology of consciousness. The institute researches and formulates techniques to heal traumas and specific conditions to improve lives and enhance consciousness. Its groundbreaking discoveries in prenatal development have led to the creation of techniques for acquiring exceptional states of consciousness. ISPS is establishing a world-wide network of healers, clinics and training programs to make its research and development and its unique techniques available to therapists and clients. This tremendously exciting and new field has stunning practical applications in the areas of psychology and medicine. For more information, please go to the Institute website at www.peakstates.com.

Your healthcare provider does not work for the Institute, and any disagreements need to be resolved directly with him or her. However, if you are not pleased with the results of the healing work, we encourage you to also phone or email the ISPS at ISPS (at) PeakStates.com. An Institute staff member will be assigned to work with you.

The Institute for the Study of Peak States
RR #1 Hornby Island, BC V0R 1Z0 Canada
Phone: 250-413-3211
Email: ISPS(at)PeakStates.com


"Because I haven't had any cravings, I'm able to focus more on my recovery. I don't have the thoughts of drugs, so that obstacle is not hindering my progress. I feel relieved, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel positive about my recovery. I'm not having to deal with the fear of my cravings."
~K.O., a 41 y/o cocaine addict.

“The Silent Mind Technique completely transformed my life. Before the process my mind would race, churn and wind back, chattering to itself all the way. It would talk itself into countless loops – I’d been an insomniac since childhood and looking back, I don’t know how I survived. After the process, I cannot even begin to convey what it was like to lie there with my mind echoing to a beautiful cathedral-like silence. For the first time in my life, I could hear the radiant emptiness of peace.”

It is hard to imagine myself a year ago when I was depressed and could barely get through the day. Today, I got up and walked on the beach seeing beauty all around me and thanking God for being alive. I can honestly say that Peak States Therapy has changed my whole life.

A nervous client singing on stage: “I just wanted to thank you for the session we did together. The night of the performance was a real joy and pleasure for me. Far from stiff muscles, dry throat and anxiety that I experienced in the past, I felt relaxed and exhilarated at the same time – I can’t thank you enough for helping me experience the sheer bliss of singing from my heart”

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