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Treatment for Mind Chatter
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If you would like to explore the possibility of undergoing the Silent Mind Technique™, you first need to call or email your peak states therapist to arrange a time to discuss the process. If we both agree that the treatment is right for you, the treatment can be delivered over zoom or skype with your therapist guiding you through the process.

What to Expect in a Session

In the first session, we take a full health history and establish the way you hear the voices, obsessive thoughts, or simple mind chatter. We use standard trauma healing techniques to heal the originating trauma. We also make arrangements for follow-up healing should you experience any feelings of loss when the voices are removed. This occasionally happens as at a subconscious level we feel we need the emotional tone of the voice in order to survive. If present, these feelings of loss are usually very quickly relieved.

After a session, clients sometimes report feeling tired, 'spacey' or very peaceful. This is a consequence of healing deep trauma. Therefore, it is good not to plan to rush away after a session. Ideally it is best to take a few minutes to relax and re-adjust after the treatment before driving or performing some other activity that requires your full attention.

Severe schizophrenia/ medication

Clients diagnosed with schizophrenia (more than simple voices) should plan on working with the Institute's staff, as this is beyond the training level of your certified therapist. Plan on spending 3 nights in the vicinity of the treatment center - we can help you arrange accomodation locally. It's important that you have a support system in place when you undergo this treatment as the elimination of voices can be a big change. We usually won't treat a client with schizophrenia unless they are accompanied by a friend or relative and have people to support them when they arrive home. Follow-up appointments may be necessary after the treatment, and can be done with video conferencing or over the phone. Occasionally a further visit will be required.

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