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Relationship issues, Codependence, triggered by other people, Optimal decision making process

My passion and purpose have always lead me to serve for the highest good, this journey has not been easy for me. Returning to peak states has enabled me to heal some deep-rooted issues in myself that have got in the way of me following my life path.

I am now on the right path and seeing the unfoldment of better relationships in my life I wanted to share this experience and expertise with others. I have devoted time and worked through issues that got in the way by using some of the peak sates processes that have enabled me to have harmonious relationships in my home and life. I have experienced a turnaround in my 18-year relationship with my partner from considering separating with a negative spiral of arguments to having a relationship that is loving and easier with a natural flow that increases each day. I can ride the challenges of having a teenage daughter and move into a relationship which is open and fluid.

“I specialise both in relationship issues, optimal decision-making process and the TBI protocol.  I am a dedicated and committed person who guides clients to achieve results. I can see clients by skype or zoom and in person in the Northwest of the U.K.”






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