Australia also has a Peak States clinic near Brisbane.

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Australia - Sydney NSW

Shayne McKenzie - Clinic Director

WhatsApp or Telegram: +41 76 269 7566

Email: McKenzie email
Aspergers, OCD, anxiety and depression

Chronic pain and PMS

Peak states of consciousness

Relationship issues

Business and organisations
"My purpose is to facilitate the achievement of human potential. This includes all humans having optimal health – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. My journey to arrive at Peak States was not driven by a need to heal myself but rather a passion .....           Learn More
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Australia - Lismore, NSW

Nemi Nath - Staff Therapist
Phone: (61) 266897455
Email: Nath email
PeakStates clinic
Nemi is the director of the Australian Institute clinic and works with basic and advanced skills. Prior to PeakStates work she has extensive experience as a breathwork therapist. Her scope of treatments includes: Family and relationship issues, sexual and other abuse .....           Learn More

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Ethical Guidelines for Institute Certified Therapists
The ISPS has ethical guidelines for certified and/or licensed graduates of our programs. If you are a client of an ISPS certified therapist, and have a complaint or wish to report an ethical violation, please contact us immediately so we can take appropriate action. The phone number is +1-250-509-0514 in Canada, or email us.

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