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Bury St Edmunds, U.K.

Danuta Czarny
Skype: danutac6
WhatsApp/ Phone: +44(0)7455 949490
Email: DanutaCzarny_email
Website: http://ceofaw.com/homepage/
Emotional blocks
Migration/ emigration challenges
Burn out/ stress
Self esteem/ self confidence
Limiting beliefs
Financial freedom
Centre of Awareness. Your centre. To make your unconscious become conscious.
I would like to welcome you in this therapeutic relationship that is dedicated to the unique process of self-discovery and inner exploration.
I will gently guide and support you, in order for you to recognize and heal traumatic memories and emotions, physical feelings and sensations that limit your life, by blocking the gateway to joy and self-love, and for you to find and transform all beliefs that cut your existence down to a narrow and painful perspective of only survival in life.
I will assist you in exploring the new meanings of your difficulties and challenges and of what your family or past generations experienced. I will also help you to heal your deepest wounds and clear the path to embrace your true self .....           Learn More

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Ellesmere Port, U.K.

Natalia Millichap
Counsellor and Certified Trauma and Peak States Therapist
WhatsApp/ Phone: +44(0)7450 245872
Email: Natalia email
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalia-anna-millichap-708096295/?locale=pl_PL
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nataliabuczk
• Healing difficult or unwanted emotions
• Healing difficult or traumatic memories from life (PTSD)
• Building self-acceptance and self-love
• Healing relationships with family, people around us, and the world
• Emotional release from unwanted relationships
• Healing the cause of the feeling of emptiness and loneliness
Personal development has been my greatest passion for as long as I can remember. Over time, my personal development route evolved into a professional one. During the last few years, I have used many methods of working on myself, such as meditation, yoga, rebirthing, art therapy, music therapy, Bert Hellinger's family constellations, EFT methods, subcellular psychobiology from the Institute of Peak States of Consciousness in Canada, and many others. Thanks to the experience of working on myself, training, education, and practice gained over the years, I currently work as a certified subcellular psychobiology trauma therapist and family constellations therapist, according to Bert Hellinger. These approaches combine everything I feel makes us human: spirituality, psychology, and biology. Thanks to these working methods, I help clients get to the causes of their traumas and problems and heal them there.

If you want to heal .....           Learn More

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Leeds, U.K.

Monique Szenkowska
Phone: +44 77388 13683
Email: Monique email
'There is no light without darkness'
― Mark Frost, Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier

A survivor of multiple traumas, I know it has no scale and a million faces. No matter how small or how large, how insignificant or dark, how troubling or embarrassing, I know what terrible damage it can create. If it is causing you discomfort or suffering, I will do my best to help you bring it to an end and find the light and lightness within.

Have you got an impossible dilemma? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the circumstances? Does being alive feel dull and colourless? Have you done something you regret? Do strong emotions dictate your every move? Perhaps you just want someone to talk to? Whatever the reason for contacting me, I will consider your problem as if it was mine.

Doświadczywszy osobiście wielu ciężkich przeżyć, wiem, że trauma ma mnóstwo twarzy i niełatwo ja umieścić na skali porównań. Obojętnie jak duża czy mała, obojętnie jak błacha czy mroczna, jak niepokojąca czy żenująca, wiem, jakie może siać zniszczenie. Jeśli cokolwiek sprawia, że cierpisz, pomogę Ci się z tym zmierzyć i odnależć wewnętrzną światlość i lekkość. .....           Learn More

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Saltaire Leeds, West Yorkshire, U.K.
Warsaw, Poland

Aneta Lesniewska
Phone: +44 07411081921
Skype: Aneta3444
Website: www.anetahomeopathy.co.uk
Email: Aneta email
Traumatic Brain Injury
Relationship issues
Substance addiction
Mind chatter/ thoughts
The journey as a Peak States Therapist has guided for me to make a great contribution to humandkind. With the Peak States processes you can reach your full potential and can optimize any area of life. Aneta Lesniewska is Peak States therapist. She has been registered since 2014. Prior to Peak States she has experience as NLP coach, Hypnotherapist, currently she is qualified Homeopath having her own practice in Saltaire http://www.anetahomeopathy.co.uk .....           Learn More

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